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REIT in 96 Words

Simply put, a Philippine Real Estate Investment Trust or Philippine REIT, is a corporation primarily engaged in owning income-generating real estate properties.

The shares of a REIT company can be bought through any of the local stock brokers and traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

The main difference between a REIT and a non-REIT publicly listed company in the PSE is that the REIT is required by law to redistribute 90% of its income annually, as dividends, to all the shareholders. A Non-REIT company is not required to provide dividends annually.

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REIT Tracker

filinvest reit freit
Market Cap₱34,249,445,958.00
Outstanding Shares4,892,777,994
Listed Shares4,892,777,994
Issued Shares4,892,777,994
Free Float Level36.74%
RL Commercial REIT
Market Cap₱64,270,521,892.62
Outstanding Shares9,948,997,197
Listed Shares9,948,997,197
Issued Shares9,948,997,197
Free Float Level36.67%

Upcoming REIT Dividends This September 2021

upcoming philippine reit dividends

GSIS & SSS Dividend Gains On AREIT & DDMP REIT

GSIS & SSS Dividend Gains